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Shared Web Site Hosting

We offer high quality, affordable, and reliable hosting packages for individuals, organizations and businesses. Your benefits from using our great products are:

    - a reliable secure site
    - access to multiple free tools or software
    - access to our "no nonsense" customer support team

Dedicated Server Hosting

What's a dedicated server, and why do I want one? A dedicated server offers you the ultimate in scalability, security, uptime and performance. They are perfectly suited for gaming servers, web hosting companies or high traffic web sites and all of our reliable unmanaged dedicated servers are powered by Intel.

Purchasing an unmanaged dedicated server is for those who are confident in their own server administrator experiences. We are not responsible for software or upgrades, but we would be completely responsible for hardware and network connectivity. If you want to manage your own administration needs and what the financial savings that accompany doing it yourself, this is a great solution.

If server administration is not your area of expertise, let us handle that. Purchase our management services; the value is great and the ease of mind is priceless.

eCommerce Hosting

Does this sound like you?

    "I want to sell my stuff, but I don't know how or where to start."
    "E-commerce seems like a good idea, but it seems complicated."
    "I'm worried about security. How do I protect against identity theft without the liability risks?"
    "How do I accept credit cards, checks or other payments for my goods or services?"

It sounds like a lot of people. It doesn't sound like a Nightowls Webspace customer. An eCommerce site acts as an interface between you (the merchant) and your customers. It's a communication point, a fun place to "window shop", a way to save gas, a sneak preview of your "brick and mortar" business, or a point of contact for your wholesale customers.

According to the business experts, eCommerce is growing at a faster rate than traditional retail sales. In today's economy, maximizing the commercial value of all your expenses, including your web expenses, is not only a good business decision but essential to a sound business plan. With that in mind, a secure, safe internet shopping venue will become more appealing as energy costs rise. The good old days of the "fun" drive to the store may well be over, but there is no reason to lose those sales!

We offer secure eCommerce web sites with quality, easy to use, customizable shopping cart features. To ensure customer shopping security, we offer GeoTrust SSL certificates from Equifax. We can show you how to collect your money from your customers safely and securely using merchant accounts with the appropriate payment gateway. Secure eCommerce may seem unreachable to you, but it's actually fun and easy to do. Let us share our expertise with you.

Reseller - Affiliate Hosting

Work for yourself! Start and run your own web hosting company! The benefits of becoming a Nightowls Webspace Reseller are:

    - Start earning more income.
    - Start selling your own branded services.
    - No hardware headaches.
    - Very low startup costs and low monthly overhead.
    - Great way to learn the hosting business.

To earn extra money without running your own business, our affiliate program is ideal. Just refer a client to us, and when they purchase a package, you earn a percent of that sale. You determine your income level! The benefits of being a Nightowls Webspace affiliate are:

    - Be your own boss! Make as much as you want.
    - No overhead!
    - Little effort is required!
    - Perfect residual monthly income generator for web site authors, graphic artists, and copy editors.

So start selling dedicated servers, domain names, email accounts, website hosting, and eCommerce sites to your own customers! The Money will roll directly in to your bank!

Domain Name Transfers, Registrations Or Renewals

Every professional business should be keeping up with the demands and needs of its customers if it is to survive. One essential tool of any business these days is a professional web site or eCommerce site. This begins with choosing and registering a domain name that will clearly identify and brand your business online for many years to come, so in order to assist with that, we offer a search tool to help you find the domain name that's just right for you.

If you already have a domain name, then we can help you update that. When you transfer a domain name over to our managed care, we will make sure you keep the ownership, and we will remind you when it's due for renewal. We will even inform you when someone whats to buy it. Most importantly, we will make sure nobody steals it from you.

Anti-Spam Filtration

As part of our drive to create a more trustworthy computing environment, we have developed a gateway system to filter out unwanted emails. This system is an affordable add on package that is about 98% effective, and can be utilized in addition to a hosted domain(s) anti-spam procedures. It can also be purchased seperately for domain(s) hosted elsewhere. The gateway service also acts like a backup email storage wearhouse in case your destination email servers go down. No more lost emails!

DNS Hosting

Fast and reliable DNS hosting is a must in today's marketplace. Like the postmaster for the snail mail system, DNS servers make sure that when someone types in a domain name, they actually get to the correct website on the correct server. We utilize four DNS servers in different cities and data centers to make sure that nobody ever has a site not found. This keeps lost revenues, lost e-mails, and lost contacts with prospective clients to an absolute minimum.

Website Design and Templates

We provide affordable premium website templates, flash website templates, Wordpress templates, and logo templates. We even have templates for other software applications so feel free to browse our repository.

If website development isn't in your current skill set, then for a modest fee, templates can be modified, and if you want something custom built, that can be arrainged as well.

Open Source Hosting

Freebies are good. Our servers are capable of using, and we suggest using open source software when ever possible such as: Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, osCommerce, Xen Cart, WordPress, phpList, phpBB, phpGallery, and Coppermine Gallery.